Workplace Mental Awareness (4Hrs)

It is for anyone that works in a workplace.

Attending this course will give you the tools to
keep yourself and colleagues healthy,

give encouragement to access support when
needed to aide recovery quickly to thrive in their work

by preventing those issues arising
by building a supportive culture around mental health

and embed positive, long term
culture change across your organisation.


Workplace Mental Awareness (4Hrs)

The course covers the following topics:

● An understanding of what mental health is

● Factors that affect wellbeing

● A basic knowledge of common mental issues

● Skills to support positive wellbeing

● Confidence to listen, interact, reassure and support someone in distress

Assessment and Certification

You will be continually assessed throughout the duration

of the course by one of our qualified trainers.

Upon successful completion you will receive a
Workplace Mental Health Awareness Certificate valid for three years.


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