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This one-day course will provide food handlers with knowledge of food hygiene and the hazards associated with food preparation and production.

Food Hygiene
Course: Food Hygiene

Course info

Course Name

Food Hygiene Course Level 2 - 1 Day


One Day

Onsite price

£420.00 + VAT

London £465.00 + VAT

Group size

Up to 12 delegates (please contact us for more than 12 delegates)

Is this course for me? ​


​This course is for anyone responsible for food safety and hygiene within the food industry.


What will I learn?


The content of this course has been designed to build knowledge and confidence.


Topics covered in the Food Hygiene Level 2 course:



Personal Hygiene


Food Poisoning


Temperature Control

Food handling and storage


Pest Control


​One of our trainers will deliver this course to your premises on a date of your choice. The timing could also be arranged to suit your requirements.


​Assessment and Certification


​You will be continually assessed throughout the course by one of our qualified trainers. Upon successful completion, you will receive a Basic Food Hygiene Certificate, which is valid for three years. A Chartered Institute of Environment Certificate can also be obtained.




​You are required to attend the full duration of the course, and candidates need a basic command of English (defined as Level 2) to be eligible for evaluation.


​On-site training room requirements


​It is recommended that the room size should be approximately 20 x 30 feet for a full 12-person course. The room should be large enough to seat all candidates comfortably in a semicircle formation. The floor space in the centre should be clean and uncluttered, as this will be used for the practical parts of the course. The trainer will also require a flip chart if one is available.

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